Frequently asked questions about large format printing
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Signs & Displays FAQs

Can you create bespoke displays, or are they all off-the-shelf?

We have plenty of low cost, ‘off-the-shelf’ displays that suit smaller budgets, but we also offer a bespoke print service, so you’re never limited to standard formats. PVC, CORREX, FOAMEX composite aluminium... you name it, we can use it.

Can I use large format displays indoors and outdoors without worrying about image fading or weather damage?

We use UV resistant inks on our posters to prevent fading both indoor and outdoor. And we complete our outdoor posters with a water resistant finish so they continue to look fabulous, come rain or shine. Our banners and signs are made from robust vinyl and PVC foamboard that withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

What can I do to ensure that my images are suited to large format?

Print is only ever as good as the design it’s come from, and this is never truer than for large format print. So always use professional design and photography where you can. If taking your own photographs, put your camera on the highest quality setting to get the best result. If in doubt, source photos from professional photography sites like Shutterstock.com and istockphoto.com, where stunning high resolution photos are available at a low cost.

Can you create a big impact exhibition display on a limited budget?

There are many high impact large format displays that don’t require big budgets. For example, our Rollerbanners and Flag displays allow you to create versatile displays that can be used in any stand space.

How do I supply print ready artwork?

We are available to help with any technical aspects of artwork such as bleed, resolution and colour space. We print in CMYK, at a minimum of 150dpi (although printed displays are usually best at 300dpi), and we require 3mm bleed for most print projects. We accept PDF,EPS,AI,PSD,IND,JPED,PNG,TIFF Please contact us for further information.

White ink - HOWS THAT WORK?

Why white ink would be used can seem a little confusing, and listing all of the benefits would take a very long time as white ink provides so many possibilities for how a range of materials can be used creatively. Essentially, CMYK printing requires a white surface to sit on top of, without a white surface, colour density and vibrancy is lost. This is why most projects use a white material. White ink allows non-white (including clear) materials to be used by printing white ink underneath the CMYK print, therefore ensuring colour vibrancy and density. Use black foamex boards, clear vinyls, recycled cardboard and other non-white materials, make your prints stand out on dark materials like never before.

Printing in WHITE available now send us an enquiry for more details



PDF or JPEG files are preferred but you can also upload TIFF, Illustrator (AI) and Photoshop (PSD) files.
Unfortunately, we can’t accept PNG, Pages (mac), Publisher, SVG, WEB, .HTML, or GIF files.
All artwork must be supplied in CMYK. If your artwork is set up in a different format, such as RGB, then this will automatically convert out at the proofing stage which can vary the colour of your artwork.
The maximum size we would be able to accept is 200mb in total.
For small format jobs, such as flyers and business cards we would advise the resolution to be 300dpi minimum. Large format jobs such as posters and roller banners should be 150dpi minimum and for PVC banners we would advise 75 – 150 dpi.


Checking proofs is a vital part of the print process. When checking over your proofs, please download the file on to your desktop and check to make sure you are happy to receive this in the final product.

We’d advise to double check the below:

  • Colour – make sure that your colours are consistent throughout and there haven’t been any changes. Setting your artwork up in CMYK should prevent this from happening.
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Orientation
  • Missing text
  • Any boxes/lines that shouldn’t be there
  • Page numbers and running order

Please only approve when you are 100% happy all of above have been checked before giving the go ahead!